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Welcome to EYES ON GEORGINA in Keswick, Ontario

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Celebrating 15 years in Georgina!

Our community has played an instrumental part in building and shaping us into who we are today. We think it’s only fair that we return the favour to all the residents of Keswick, East Gwillimbury, Simcoe and Georgina!

Dr Dinta Patel and her staff are committed to not just meeting your expectations, but in exceeding them!

Our goal is to deliver the ultimate optometric experience. We know how important vision is to your quality of life. Every time we see you, we’ll work to understand your unique visual needs and provide custom solutions designed specifically for your eyes.

We look forward to being your Partners in Better Vision! Call us to book your Comprehensive Eye Exam today!

Families First

EYES ON GEORGINA is focused on eye care for the entire family.  Our state of the art diagnostic technology for children and infants is exclusive to our community and allows for digitally-precise examinations of your little ones’ eyes. Plus, our relaxed Kidz Zone waiting area encourages your ‘kids to be kids.’

Modern Perks

EYES ON GEORGINA offers direct billing with most health insurance carriers, thus simplifying the claims process for busy families. We are also a smart-phone friendly office - we will email appointment reminders and instant email notifications when your glasses and contacts are ready for pick up.

Hassle-Free Extras

  • 1-year warranty on frames from normal wear-and-tear
  • 1-year warranty on lenses coatings from scratches
  • Free lens cloth and cleaner with every frame purchase
  • 30 day no-hassle warranty on progressive lenses (lens exchange for non-adaptation to progressive lenses)
  • Free lifetime adjustments and repairs, screw-tightening and/or nose-piece changes on glasses purchased at EYES ON GEORGINA

Home of the
Digital Eye Exam

EYES ON GEORGINA is Home of the Digital Eye Exam. From the pretesting room to the examination room to our frame gallery - our office is completely digital. We provide preventative and managed eyecare for our patients using the latest ophthalmic technology. Our ability to perform a wide range of testing with digital pinpoint accuracy enhances patient confidence and experience - which also allows us to reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint.

We care about our patients and their experience when they are in the office. Our office has been designed to make patients feel like they are “home away from home”. Come and see for yourself how this office is none like you have ever visited. The next time you are passing by, feel free to drop in to say hello to our team, and take a look around.

Dr. Dinta Patel and her staff at EYES ON GEORGINA love working with children. In fact, the office was especially designed with your little ones in mind. Whether they are reading a book with mom and dad in the kids area – or simply keeping busy with an app on the iPad; you can be assured that they will love coming back!

Accessibility Friendly

Careful planning has gone into the design of EYES ON GEORGINA to ensure that the office is fully accessible for patients with varying accessibility needs. Features include a parking lot entrance – making baby strollers and Wheel Trans commuting simple and easy. Our office has barrier-free spacious corridors, accessible bathroom and examination chair—all designed for inclusive patient independence.

The beautiful Frame Gallery at EYES ON GEORGINA makes buying your next pair of glasses and sunglasses a true delight. Choose from over 500 frames that fit every face shape and size. Come and see how we can provide you with function and fabulous in one! We also have a comprehensive selection of durable childrens frames and sunglasses in stock.

At EYES ON GEORGINA we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all of our contact lens fittings. Our advanced diagnostic equipment allows doctor to take measurements of corneal curvature for precise contact lens fittings. Once the best contact lens is selected based on your unique measurements and lifestyle requirements, contact lens wearers can take their time learning how to properly insert, remove and clean their contact lenses in our beautiful contact lens room.

EYES ON GEORGINA utilizes the latest technology and state of the art diagnostic equipment to help detect and monitor early eye diseases. Among other preventative measures, our equipment allows us to track and monitor our patients’ eye pressure over time and to graph the results for effective monitoring and visualization.

Environmentally Friendly

EYES ON GEORGINA strives to play its part to reduce its carbon footprint. Integrated with the digital eye exam, the office has digitized patient records and uses electronic retinal imaging and paperless records. The office was also carefully designed to incorporate environmentally-friendly material such as LED lighting; energy-efficient appliances, and even tinted windows to reduce A/C consumption in the summer months. EYES ON GEORGINA also collects your old glasses for charity for reuse by less fortunate individuals in need.

What are our patients saying...
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We Are Here To Help

Ask Dr. Patel a Question...

What happens at a dry eye exam?

To diagnose dry eye disease, the eye doctor can use a biomicroscope to examine whether there are plugged oil glands in the lid or any dry patches on the cornea present. A yellow stain called fluorescein can help us see how quickly the tears evaporate. We also look for eyelid issues like blepharitis (inflamed crusty lids) or Demodex mites which can worsen dry eye symptoms.

What are the typical treatments used to help people suffering from Dry Eyes?

Treatment for dry eye depends on the cause, severity, and stage of the disease. Artificial tears can be helpful in the early stages. If over-the-counter eye drops are insufficient, we progress to a prescription medication such as Restasis or Xiidra. Lid hygiene as well as omega-3 fish oil supplementation can improve symptoms. Anti-inflammatory medications as well as punctal plugs are also available if needed for treatment.

How do I know if I have Dry Eye?

Dry eye syndrome can only be diagnosed by an eye doctor. We take your symptoms into account, including the eyes feeling dry, burning, itchy or irritated. Watery eyes and blurry vision are also common because the tears, which protect the outermost surface of the eye, can be unstable.

Meet Our Doctor

Dinta Patel OD

Dr. Patel graduated with her Doctor of Optometry degree at the prestigious University of Waterloo in 2004. She completed her ocular disease externships with ophthalmologists in Newmarket and Toronto where she gained experience in diagnosing and managing ocular diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome....

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Is it an Emergency?

If you experience loss of vision, double vision, swelling, infection or any eye emergency, contact us immediately for guidance. We’ll help you with the best treatment to prevent complications and promote long-lasting clear eyesight.
Please call our office at 877-947-4115 for further instructions. Use your best judgment on urgency, if you feel your need to find the nearest emergency room.