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Eye Emergencies (Pink/Red Eyes)

Person with Something in Her Eye


Red Eye: Contagious or not Contagious

Do I have pink eye?

Firstly, anyone is susceptible to conjunctivitis, known in common terminology as pink eye or red eye. Those primarily at risk are preschool and school-aged children, post-secondary students, teachers, nurses, and any type of worker that is employed where there is a large volume of people moving through their workspace.

The primary symptom of conjunctivitis is pinkness in the white of the eye that does not clear after a few minutes. Some other symptoms include light sensitivity, watering eyes, itchiness, a burning sensation in the eye, and yellow or green-yellow discharge from the eye.

Should you experience any or all of these symptoms, contact Eyes On Georgina and schedule an emergency appointment so that an effective treatment schedule can begin.

If left untreated, conjunctivitis can cause damage to the eye and may even affect your vision.

Primary Causes

Pink eye and red eye are caused mostly by bacteria, however, it can also be caused by viruses or allergic reactions.

In severe bacterial infections, blindness can result if left untreated.

Viral conjunctivitis usually accompanies another infection, such as the common cold or the flu, and will usually clear up without medical treatment within a few days.

Allergic conjunctivitis is caused by common allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and the like. For allergic conjunctivitis, special medications could be prescribed if the reaction is severe enough.

How can I tell what type of conjunctivitis I have?

The best possible diagnosis of your specific issue is to book an emergency appointment with one of our optometrists.

When booking your appointment, inform our staff that you are coming in specifically for red eye, pink eye, or conjunctivitis, so that appropriate tests can be performed in an efficient manner.

******If your conjunctivitis started at the same time you felt the first effects of a cold or flu, it is more than likely viral and should clear within a few days. If it lasts longer than 72 hours, please book an appointment.

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