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Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

Interested in Contact Lenses?

Girl Putting in Contact 1280×853Presently, more patients are interested in contact lenses over glasses, primarily due to their comfort, appearance, and ease of use. Almost all prescription strengths for glasses can be fit to contact lenses, and most eyes can accommodate to contact lenses with no discomfort.

Contact lenses are also available in a variety of styles and materials: colored, disposable, moisturizing, and special lenses such as astigmatism.

If you are interested in contact lenses, please inform our staff when you schedule your appointment, as the Eye Exam and the Contact Lens fitting exam is longer than a regular appointment.

The Comprehensive Eye Exam

Before any patient can be fitted for contacts, a comprehensive eye exam must be conducted. The reason for this slightly more in-depth exam is to determine if your eyes and prescription strength will work well for contact lenses.

Please inform our Optometrist of any eye issues or injuries during this exam, as some eye injuries can cause contacts to incorrectly.

Contact Lens Fitting

During this appointment, our optometrists will discuss your lifestyle and regular activities, as well as other items that may affect the type of contacts you end up wearing.

There are many choices in the contact lens market today. We are dedicated to finding the right lenses for you. The selection of disposable or multi-use, hard or soft, materials used, brand preference etc., will be discussed.

At Eyes On Georgina, we are able to provide multifocal(bifocal), toric (astigmatism), and high power lenses.

Measuring and Fitting

While your prescription tells the strength of lenses needed, other factors determine if a contact lens is right for you. Eyes are as unique as fingerprints, and a fitting session ensures that your lenses are of the correct shape and size for your eyes.

While the lenses are there to correct your vision, a poor fitting is uncomfortable. The fitting session will involve our optometrist measuring the shape and size of your eye to ensure that your lenses fit perfectly.

Trial Period

Our patients will receive a set of trial lenses so that they can evaluate the contact lens experience over several days before making a final decision. Our Optometrists will demonstrate the proper care, maintenance, insertion, and removal of your lenses, and will also guide you through your first insertion.

Once your lenses are in, our Optometrist will evaluate how the lenses sit in your eyes as you look around, blink, and perform an eye evaluation.

Most trial periods are about one to two weeks, after which a follow-up appointment will be conducted to finalize your contact lens parameters.